12x12x6 Heated PoE Enclosure with Integrated 4 Element RPSMA Omni

The AccelTex Solutions Heated PoE enclosure allows an access point to be installed in an outdoor or other temperature-limiting environment.  The heater and AP are powered by a single PoE cable run from the network switch.  The enclosure ships ready for an AP installation with our 2.4/5 GHz 4/6 dBi omni antenna integrated onto the bottom of the enclosure.

Part Number: ATS-12126-S-L-4S-CG-POE-H-OO-46

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  • Electrical Specifications

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Size: 12x12x6
    Color: Grey
    Material: Polycarbonate
    Door Type: Solid
    Lock Type: Latch
    Antenna Connection Holes: 0
    Cord Grip: Yes
    Equipment Installation: T-Bar
    Enclosure Installation: Mounting Feet
  • Included Components

    Enclosure System Components:
    • 12x12x6 Poly Enclosure with Solid Door, Latch Lock, Cord Grip and Mounting Feet
    • 2.4/5 GHz 4/6 dBi 4 Element RPSMA Omni Mounted to the Bottom of the Enclosure
    • 1 Gbps Ethernet Surge Suppression
    • 60W Power Injector and PoE Splitter
    • 15W Heater
    • Adjustable Thermostat
    • Ethernet Cables (Internal Only, Customer provides Ethernet Cable to Enclosure)
    • Ground Bar, Ground Lug and all Internal Components Pre-wired to this Ground
    • T-Bar for AP Mounting
    • DIN Rail
    • 4 RPSMA Lightning Arrestors
    • 4 Right Angle RPSMA Jack to RPSMA Plug Adapters

  • Environmental Specifications

    Installation Environment: Indoor or Outdoor
    Operating Temperature: -40 to 248 F (-40 to 120 C)
    Environmental Protection: NEMA 3R
    Environmental Conditioning: Heated
  • Compatibility

    Compatible AP: Adtran/Bluesocket 1925, Aerohive AP141, Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise AP-314, Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise AP-324, Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise AP-334, Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise AP-344, Engenius ECB600, Engenius ECB1200, Extreme AP 3805e, Meru/Fortinet AP 1020e, Meru/Fortinet AP 822e, Meru/Fortinet FAP-223C, Meru/Fortinet FAP-224D, Meru/Fortinet FAP-C225C, Mist AP 41E
    Applicable Industries: Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Warehouse
    Ideal Applications: Carpeted Space, High Density, Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi, Stadium
    Applicable Technology: 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.3af, 802.3at
  • Standards, Testing & Certifications

Warranty Information

AccelTex Solutions PoE powered products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty.

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