GPS/LTE/WiFi 3 Element Indoor/Outdoor Omni Antenna with SMA and RPSMA

The AccelTex Solutions 3 in 1 GPS/LTE/Wi-Fi antenna is a perfect compliment to any multi-band radio. This small form factor antenna comes with an integrated threaded bolt mount and is suitable for a broad range of outdoor applications.

Part Number: ATS-OO-3in1-2823-2SP-1RPSP-144

List Price: $149.95

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  • Electrical Specifications

    Antenna Type: Omni
    Frequency Range: 698-960/1570.42-1580.42/1710-2655/2400-2483
    Gain: 2 dBic/2dBi/3dBi
    Polarization: GPS: Right Hand Circular, LTE: Linear, WiFi: Linea
    Horizontal Beamwidth: 360
    VSWR: < 1.5-2.0
    Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Mechanical Specifications

    Dimensions: 1.97" DIA x 1.89" H (50mm DIA x 48mm H)
    Weights: 0.55 lb (0.25 kg)
    Installation: Threaded Bolt with Nut
    Polarization: GPS: Right Hand Circular, LTE: Linear, WiFi: Linea
    Connector: 2 SMA, 1 RPSMA Plug
    Number of Leads: 3
    Cable Length: 12' (3,657.6mm)
    Cable Type: RG174
  • Included Components

  • Environmental Specifications

    Installation Environment: Outdoor
    Operating Temperature: -40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)
  • Compatibility

    Compatible AP: Cradlepoint AER3100, Cradlepoint IBR1100, Cradlepoint IBR600B, Cradlepoint IBR900
    Applicable Industries: Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Warehouse
    Ideal Applications: High Density, Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi, Stadium
    Applicable Technology: 802.11n, 802.11ac
  • Standards, Testing & Certifications

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